Welcome to the Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™. We will be using this model to incorporate a First Nations perspective to explore Indigenous topics and issues. The Circle Approach involves six steps:

C – Creating Space – Explore terminology and identity in a modern context – Who is who, and what’s the “right” wording to use? Indian? First Nations? Aboriginal? Indigenous?

I – Indigenous History and Context – Why are we talking about events from 150 years ago? Can’t we just get over it and move on?

R Relationship Building and Protocol – How do I connect with my local Indigenous community?

C – Culture, Community and Ceremony - Why is culture and ceremony important to community?

L – Land, Language, and Life Long Learning – What do you mean I should go out on the land? What is traditional knowledge and why is it important?

E – Education Leads to Reconciliation – Now that I know some stuff, what’s my next step?

In this course you will have an opportunity to:

·Understand the history of Canada from a First Nations perspective

·Learn more about First Nations culture and language

·Learn in a comfortable, safe, inclusive environment

·Be able to ask those “awkward” questions without feeling stupid or embarrassed

·Understand the impacts of racism, stereotypes, colonization and trauma

·Explore reconciliation for both your personal and professional growth

·Create a safe and inclusive workplace

·Learn how to create positive relationships with Indigenous people and communities

·Have fun! Laugh a little! Share some stories! Participate in traditional teachings! Belong!

We look forward to working with you!

Indigenous History and Context - Welcome and Introduction.pdf