The Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™ (Circle Approach) was created as a way to introduce and explore ideas and concepts related to reconciliation and is premised on creating an intentional space to help understand each other’s stories using a friendly, engaging, interactive, non-threatening, inclusive, non-academic approach. It is the foundation for the approach we take to help organizations build their cultural confidence.

C – Creating Space

  • Understanding what creating space means and why it is needed
  • Exploring terminology and identity in a modern context
  • Topics include: fear, racism, stereotypes, privilege, lateral violence

I – Indigenous History and Context

  • Exploring the history of Canada from an Indigenous viewpoint
  • Understanding both historic challenges and modern realities
  • Topics include: Indian Act, Enfranchisement, Treaties, Residential Schools, Self- Government, Policy

R – Relationship Building and Protocol

  • Understanding the structures of local, regional, and national Indigenous organizations
  • Learning about protocol and how to build positive relationships
  • Topics include: Worldviews and values, diversity and commonalities, First Nations, Inuit and Metis, National Indigenous Organizations and affiliates, consultation

C – Culture, Community, and Ceremony

  • Introducing the importance of culture and ceremony for individuals and communities and how this impacts the workplace
  • Topics include: Grandfather and Grandmother teachings, medicine wheel, sacred medicines, cultural appropriation

L – Land, Language, and Lifelong Learning

  • Understanding how land, language, and lifelong learning impact identity and relationship building
  • Topics include: Creation story, water teachings, First Nations, Inuit and Metis Lifelong learning models, land protesting vs land protection, language and worldview

E – Education leads to Reconciliation

  • Understanding your role in reconciliation and what you can do to be an ally
  • Topics include: the many faces of reconciliation, TRC Calls to Action, celebrating successes, models of success from an Indigenous lens, my role in reconciliation

An Introduction and Welcome_Self Directed ICACC.pdf